Master Plan and other information
(all files pdf)

Complete Master Plan from 2000 (very large PDF file)


Cover Letter

Master Plan Summary and Methodology

Circulation Element

Economic Development Element

Goals and Policies Element

Historic and Cultural Resources

Housing Element

Land Use Element

Natural Resources Element

Open Space and Recreation Element

Services and Facilities Element

Other Important Documents (much information still viable today)

Community Development Strategy 2015

Hardwick Community Development Plan 2004

DCR Hardwick Reconnaissance Report 2008

CPA Proposal 2009 (voted on April 13, 2009 - Yes=211, No=250, blank=32)
This provides a good understanding of the process, which is still the same today.

Master Plan Update Draft 2010

Open Space and Recreation Plan 2013

Assessment Report to Plan for a State of the Town Forum by
Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration 2014

A Model Ecotourism Master Plan Chapter for Rural Massachusetts Communities:
A Case Study of Hardwick, MA 2015

Promoting Productive Agriculture in Massachusetts:
An analysis of Chapter 61A land in Hardwick 2016

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness: Summary of Findings 2022 (very large file)